Commercial solar

Commercial Solar Services Provided
In Nashville, TN

Being all about pro-climate change and sustainability can do wonders for your business in today’s contemporary world. We at Music City Solar Solutions provide expert commercial solar services that will allow your business to attain all its benefits as well as promoting sustainability.

Rooftop Commercial Solar Power

At Music City Solar Solutions, we understand that there are elements that may lead to your roof needing repair or replacement. We can help resolve the issue while installing commercial solar power which will make the roofing department earn its keep. Our materials are durable and will shield you from the elements while making the roof work as hard by being an electric generator that powers the entire establishment. Unlike other business operations, solar energy doesn’t have any hassles. It’s quite simple, we install it on the roof, and it starts generating energy. 

Full-Service With Music City Solar Solutions

We offer a comprehensive service the first time around. We will coordinate every aspect of the design, construction, procurement, and permits needed to energize the system with the natural utility. Once you call us, we do it all!

The time to switch to commercial solar power has come and here are but a few of the benefits you stand to gain from using Music City Solar Solutions.

Tax Credits, IRR And Street Credit

By using our commercial solar services, you stand to gain Internal Rate of Return (IRR) which is actually better than ROI. IRRs that range from 15% to 22% can prove to be an asset for your establishment. IRR will incorporate the value of future money and account for varying cashflows flowing in and out of the business. Saving money is always music to any business owner’s ears.

There are very minimal capital investments where you stand to gain returns that high. Federal tax credits can relieve you of up to 30% load off your system. Utility incentives or state tax credits, on the other hand, will account for 15-20% of your entire system as well as 100% bonus depreciation. Also, government grants will assist in lowering costs even further. All these things will culminate to save the cost of the system to 30-60%.


We install commercial solar roofs that protect you from the adverse effects of the elements over time. Our designs are fitted with weatherproofing features that we install in our solar roofs. You won’t have to worry about an electrical fault as a result of rain, wind or cloudy days. Our panels will for sure, generate sufficient energy to power your business all year long. And the best part is that you’ll be under warranty in case of any mishaps. 

If you’re using the electrical grid, you will for sure pay electric bills forever. Why do that whereas there’s a natural resource that’s basically a nuclear reactor. It’s simple, you can continue spending money on electrical payments, or you can go solar with our commercial solar panels which will make and save you money as well as offering a good return on investment. Call us today for a professional commercial solar panel installation service.


We offer new customers 20% off for all roofing repairs and 10% off for new installations or replacements. 


This is your chance to protect and invest in your home or business for the long term. Call Us Today For All Your Solar Power Needs.