frequently asked questions about solar for your home or business

Do Solar Panels Degrade In Storage?
No, under proper storage conditions the efficiency of your solar panels will stay intact, so long as they are kept safe from the elements and not broken. Solar panels are especially long-lasting, even after being installed they will last as long as 30 years under exposure to weather conditions.
Will Solar Panels Save Cash?
Solar panels will eventually help recover their cost of installation as long as you stay in the house long enough to enjoy these benefits. Because much of your energy will be coming from the sun, you will be able to depend less on the power companies.
What Are Some Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Solar Company?
  • Time and Industry Experience
  • Solar Panels and Quality
  • Reviews
  • Payment Options
  • Warranties
What Is a Solar Roof?
Also called photovoltaic shingles, these are solar panels that have been crafted to look and function like any top-quality roofing material, except that they also provide the home with electric power. Solar shingles are a part of a new class of energy solutions called building-integrated photovoltaics or BIPV.
Are Solar Roofs Durable?
Solar Roof shingles are an attractive addition to your home’s architecture that also improves your home’s efficiency. Better still, they will outlast your average roofing material and many have been guaranteed to last a lifetime.
What Are The Advantages Of Using Solar Shingles?
Solar shingles can effectively replicate the beauty of slate tiles or clay tiles and even your common asphalt shingle. Solar shingles also feature a special layer of quartz that improves the longevity of the roof tile.
Do Solar Panels Damage The Roof?
If they have been installed correctly, your roofing shingles should not damage the roof. But, this is one important reason to have your solar panels installed by a knowledgeable and well-experienced professional.
Do Solar Panels Protect Your Roof?
Protection from poor weather conditions is another advantage of solar panels. With a solar panel in place, you have placed a barrier between the elements and your interior roofing structures. This will certainly provide better protection than if there were no solar shingles in place at all.
What Are Some Important Things to Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels?

How much longer are you going to live in your house? It will take at least 5-6 years before your investment is recouped entirely.

  • Amount of energy needed to power your home.
  • Roof type.
  • Cost range
  • Location
  • Project length
  • Building Permits
  • Find the right company
How Reliable Is Solar Power?
One thing we can always count on is that the sun will shine tomorrow. Even if everyone on the planet was using solar energy there would still be an infinite supply available for future generations for the foreseeable future.