How Solar Works

How Solar Works & How It Can Benefit Your Home Or Business In Nashville, TN

Basically, the sun is a nuclear reactor that releases photons which are tiny bits of energy. In 8.5 minutes, the sun emits photons that travel 93 million miles to Earth. In an hour, the sun generates enough energy to meet global needs for a year. How incredible is that statistic! For decades now, solar panels have been considered to be a promising source of energy given how they can be found on roadside signs, rooftops, stadiums, and even spacecrafts. To utilize its energy, you need to know how it works first.

Here’s how solar works:

To generate sufficient energy for usage, solar panels consist of numerous small photovoltaic cells that are linked together. So when the sun releases photons, the solar panel lets them knock electrons free from the atoms, thus generating electricity flow. So the more panels that are deployed, the more energy will be generated.

Every photovoltaic cell is composed of two slices of silicon semiconducting material. The negative and positive layer of the cells combines to form an electric field that charges it to work. Once the installed panels on the roof start producing energy, there will be a few steps needed to convert it into energy the home or business can use. When the sun hits the panels, it generates DC electricity where electrons are flowing in one direction around a circuit. Since houses are powered with AC, solar inverters are required to change the DC of the panels into AC output that can be utilized at home. In AC electricity, electrons are basically pushed and pulled.

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As to how solar works, how does it benefit your home or business?

If you’re a home or business owner, you should seriously consider installing solar energy panels because of the humongous benefits it comes with. It’s in fact, an attractive supplement to conventional power sources. Here are but a few of the benefits you stand to gain:

Reduces Operating Costs

The goal of any business or home is to make some leeway cash, and this usually means reducing the utility bills. Have you ever wondered where the excess energy produced by solar panels goes? Well, the excess power is sent back to the grid, which means you are eligible to earn tax electricity credits and rebates. Using solar systems, you can eliminate your office or home’s electricity bill completely. Regardless of how big or small your business is, the money saved can have a significant impact on your establishment.

Good Return On Investment

Like any business investment, you should expect a return on investment on a solar PV system. The return will depend on factors like loans, incentives, grants, and initial cost. The best thing about solar power is that it will provide energy all through winter and cloudy days, although they’re more effective in summer. At the end of it all, solar is actually paying you.

Solar power energy basically works by converting energy from the sun into electricity for usage in homes and businesses. And as you can see, there’s a boatload of benefits that come from using this sustainable resource of renewable energy. By using Music City Solar Solutions, you can help save the world by reducing your carbon footprint.


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